Basic Example - Cleansing QIF Input

In this example you will take a sample input file, run it through the QifCon without any other transformations besides converting the input into the QIF format.

The purpose of this example is to show the most basic of usages which will cleanse your QIF file. For example the sample data available at QIF format reference has a date value of "6/ 1/94" (it contains spaces) and after running it through the converter the spaces will be gone i.e. "6/1/94"

Remember that qifcon does not fully support the entire QIF format. See Supported QIF Elements for the entire list.

For this example split transactions are not supported and therefore while in the input document will not be in the output document.


qifcon --input examples/basic/basic.qif --output output.qif quicken.xsl

Now open the output.qif file in your favourite editor. Compare it to the input file basic.qif . You should notice that the splits in the first transaction are missing and that all the dates no longer have spaces in them.