Complete Example

In this example the transformation file used to transform my financial institutions QIF files is provided (with identifying values removed).

The input files are not provided for privacy reasons (mind you, you can see where we do our shopping :), but the transformation should provide you with enough examples that you can confidently build your own transformation for your financial institution.

Note there are only a few template rules with priority of "-1", everything else uses the default priority. These rules are:

  • Copy Unmatched Attributes and Nodes As Is. As all the matching is done against payee this rule will handle applying the templates to other node types. It relies on the default rule for text handling to copy the nodes text to the transformation output.
  • Find unmatched payee nodes. Any payee nodes that do not match an existing template get this rule applied. It prefixes "UNMATCHED " to the text of the payee node and writes this out to the memo node. The transaction is placed into the "Misc." category.
  • Misc. Expenses. Finds any unmatched VISA transactions and applies the "Misc." category to them.

Transformation File

See examples/complete/grisbi.xsl