Welcome to the QuickenŽ Interchange Format Converter open source project.

With this free program you can convert your QIF financial transactions to a format that is suitable for importing into other applications, e.g. Grisbi .

In addition to the conversion you can transform the records to improve the data being imported, e.g. you can move the value of fields around, or replace them completely with better information. See the examples section for more details.


Please see the QifCon instructions for more details.


To provide you with better understanding of some usages of QifCon have a look at the examples

Extending and Customizing QifCon

QifCon currently only supports QIF to QIF conversion so that the files can be better imported into Grisbi .

If you are interested in adding support for converting a QIF file to another format, say OFX or importing to another application specific format then read up on How To Extend QifCon

Limited Usefulness

The QuickenŽ Interchange Format is obsolete and no longer supported by Intuit .

Applications should really be using OFX instead.

However some financial institutions only support downloading transaction statements in QIF format. Hence this program will be useful until financial institutions get their act together and support industry standards.


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